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Affiliated Interactive Services (AIS) is a multi-channel, payment service provider that offers a range of online processing, payment terminal and merchant services to the wholesale, indirect reseller and corporate markets.

AIS enables organisations to become a "VPSP", a virtual payment service provider, giving them the capability to deliver payment solutions to their customers without the required expertise, cost and complexity of building the necessary infrastructure, embarking on the lengthy process of going through the accreditation processes with the acquiring banks.

AIS is about service beyond the transaction. Whatever the size of business, large or small, there is a requirement to effectively manage and have visibility of cash generated by card transactions.
Start collecting money in minutes, from your donors, customers and event attendees, by selecting a payment option.
AIS provides a secure and reliable online payment processor for your website. We provide a simple and smart system with a hassle-free integration process.

Accept credit and debit cards with AISí secure payment processor, PayPal, and more. Track sales and refunds all in one place. With Payment Processing, funds are sent at weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals.

For event organizers, you can opt to receive all fees NO MORE THAN 5 days after the day your event, ends by direct deposit or mail. We also have an Advance Payout program that initiates payouts bi-weekly. Just remember to send us your payout details to make sure you receive your funds after your event ends.
AIS provides a secure and reliable online transaction processor with a hassle-free integration process.
About AIS
Why Choose AIS?
AIS provides a quick and easy way to collect payments from your website. Suitable for merchants of all sizes and categories - we provide you with a complete real-time online payment package.

Our suite of electronic collections and remittance services offers you speed, accuracy and flexibility. We'll help you streamline your collection processes, accelerate funds availability and provide technologically advanced payment options to your customers.

With fast approvals, great customer service, personalized account management and competitive rates, AIS is the only e-commerce merchant processing solution you'll need.
What AIS offers?
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