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In order to offer better service, AIS has provided some responses to questions usually asked by our clients. If you do not see the answer to your question below, please click here to send us your query.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my company benefit from Online Transaction Processing?
If you bill for a service or product or wish to receive donations online you can benefit from AIS transaction processing services.
What is a transaction processor?
A transaction processor uses established payment gateways to offer e-commerce services. In this way, all clients’, donors’ and customers’ payments remain between the gateway and the user. AIS’ primary function is to securely facilitate online payments and donations and relay receipts/disbursements to the business entity.
Can I process credit card payments through one transaction processor?
Yes, although credit and debit card payments rely on different settlement networks, you can funnel all payment activity through AIS’ transaction processor, regardless of activity type.
How fast do I receive funds?
Funds can be transferred as early as in 1 week. Many gateways impose a hold and/or reserve requirement to manage their transaction risk (e.g., fraud, returns). It typically takes 30 days to access your money with a standard gateway transaction. AIS absorbs the wait time and can disburse your funds in as little as 5 business days.
How do I begin accepting credit card payments?
In order to begin accepting credit card payments you will need AIS to provide the relevant code for your website administrator to add to your website.
Do I need a card terminal or “swipe machine” to accept credit card payments?
Unless you have a store front or accept walk-in bill payments; no, you do not need a card terminal or “swipe machine”. AIS’ built in virtual terminal functions just like a card terminal, is accessed via the web, and is appropriate for companies accepting payments in a card-not-present environment.
How does AIS protect cardholder data?
AIS has partnered with an established payment gateway which protects cardholder data in compliance with the payment card data security standards (PCI-DSS). AIS never accesses the cardholder information. This is between the cardholder and our gateway provider.