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AIS is focused on helping NGOs and nonprofits increase their impact on the world around them. As a facilitator of donations processing, our solutions free nonprofits to shift their focus from back-end operations to supporting and delivering upon a mission.

This method significantly lowers processing costs and reduces capital expenditures so allowing non-profits and NGOs to optimize their fundraising. Special rates apply so please call or contact us for more details.
Do you want to collect payments from your customers via the Internet? AIS can be the Internet connection behind the "pay" button on your website that allows you to collect payments by credit card and/or debit card

In addition to accepting payments, this service provides you with reports and a regular electronic remittance file to update your receivables system.


A small fee is charged when you collect payments, but you can have attendees pay it. No matter how much you charge, AIS caps its Service fee at 9% per ticket cost for event organizers.
If you use us as your credit card processor, the Payment Processing fee is just 6% of the ticket cost. This includes the processing fees used by our fee collection provider, Paypal.

You can opt to receive all fees NO MORE THAN 5 days after the day your event ends, by direct deposit or by cheque. We also have an Advance Payout program that initiates payouts bi-weekly. Just remember to send us your payout details to make sure you receive your funds after your event ends.

Normally, if you're using PayPal or Authorize.Net, they'll pay out on their own specific schedule. AIS absorbs the wait time and can disburse your funds in as little as 5 business days.
Find out how AIS can help your organizationís fund raising initiatives
Start collecting money in minutes, from your donors, customers and for your events by selecting a payment option.
List your fete, entertainment concert, theatre show or seminar and
sell more tickets.
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